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5 venues across 
South East Kent

Welcome to Inspire Fitness

We teach fitness classes across Canterbury, Deal, Herne Bay and at our own new fitness studio in Dover. Our group classes are friendly, fun and addictive. For many of our students it is their weekly catch up session as well as a work out. You do not need to be fit already; there is something for everybody in our sessions and beginners are welcome. Many of our beginners say "I can't come to that class as I have no upper body strength", that is exactly why you should come to our classes. We design our beginner sessions to build fitness and strength. 

Our Experience

We have been teaching pole fitness for over 10 years! Over the last 6 years we have introduced aerial hoop, silks, trapeze, pole fabric and flexibility classes to our timetables. In January 2019 we introduced aerial hammock and yoga. This has been a fantastic addition. We offer many different class types in hammock/yoga, flexibility, flips and tricks, conditioning, relaxation, mobility and yoga. There is a class for you.

Why come to our fitness and aerial classes?

Here's what our students say:-

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Become more toned

  • Built strength

  • Lost weight whilst having fun

  • Improved posture

  • Improved flexibility

  • Met new friends

  • Had a great time doing so!

Our Classes

Pole Fitness

Our pole fitness classes cover mainly static pole moves. We teach single moves, combinations of moves and link moves together. Our instructors are experienced in teaching beginner to advanced levels. You will learn how to spin around the pole, work up to lifting your body weight and after you have learnt the beginner moves we will move on to inverting upside down. Our spinning pole classes over a different element to pole with the pole on spin.

We teach pole fitness at all of our venues.

Aerial Hoop

Aerial hoop brings the challenge of circus to our classes. Hang upside down and move through the hoop. This dynamic piece of equipment offers opportunity to hang under, in, on top of and out of the hoop. We can spin, drop and lift ourselves.

For beginners our hoops can be rigged lower to make using the hoop more accessible. We teach hoop at Dover and Canterbury.


Taught at our Canterbury and Dover venues. Aerial silks can be used as two pieces of material, both pieces together or in a knot. This means that aerial silks are accessible to everyone, from complete beginners to advanced levels. Our Dover studio offers the most height for advanced participants, our Canterbury studio offers slightly less height but is still suitable for beginner and intermediate moves.  

Aerial Hammock and Yoga 


Aerial hammock and yoga has offered a different dynamic of class to our repertoire. Hammock is very popular with beginners as the hammock holds the weight of the participant. We have seen improvements in flexibility, mobility and a reduction in back and neck pain for some of our students. The benefits of hanging upside down can be vertebrae decompressing, discs in the spine re-hydrating, easing of tension on spinal cord and hip joints. Unfortunately, you cannot take part in these classes if you have/had recent shoulder or back surgery, recent eye surgery, glaucoma, botox within 48 hours, osteoporosis, vertigo/labyrinthitis, severe arthritis, you are pregnant, high or low blood pressure, heart disease or had a recent stroke. Please inform your instructor of any medical conditions or injuries, particularly, fibromyalgia, shoulder, back, wrist injuries or respiratory problems. This is due to hanging upside down in this class for a longer amount of time to all other classes. Just contact us if you are not sure. Taught at Canterbury and Dover.


Taught at Dover on a workshop basis. We currently do not have regular sessions in trapeze. Keep an eye out for sessions on the calendar and do let us know if you would like us to arrange a session. 

We teach static trapeze (not flying), trapeze is similar to aerial hoop but we can use the trapeze ropes for more dynamic movements.

Pole Fabric

Taught at Canterbury and Dover on a workshop basis. We currently do not have regular sessions in pole fabric. Keep an eye out for sessions on the calendar and do let us know if you would like us to arrange a session. 

Pole fabric has aerial silks attached to the pole, it is a dynamic way of fusing the two elements of aerial arts. The pole is used on it's spinning function, the silks are used to support body weight whilst performing pole moves. 


Our flexibility sessions are taught via Zoom so can be accessible from home. The live weekly session is every Tuesday at 7.05pm costing only £6. If you cannot attend the live time you can still book on and will be emailed a recording of the class the following day. We focus on active flexibility, using PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) techniques. All flexibility levels are welcome, we all started with next to no flexibility, a complete range of abilities attend our classes. 

The Image Cella-6.jpg

Pole Choreography

These classes focus on learning a pole routine, there are options for all different abilities. Chose from different combinations of moves to suit you. Pole choreography class is held every Monday at our Dover studio at 6.50pm. In these classes pole heels or bare feet are fine.

The Image Cella-38.jpg

Pole Mix

These classes focus on learning pole different pole skills to in our pole fitness classes. Each class is different and focuses on three different pole aspects. E.g. pole combinations of moves including linking dance moves around the pole, spinning pole and floor tricks and transitions. There are options for all different abilities. Pole Mix class is held every Wednesday at our Dover studio at 7.10pm. 


Inspirers Classes (children)

We teach pole, hoop and silks to our Inspirers at our Dover studio. All classes are taught by an Enhanced DBS checked instructor who has completed Safeguarding and Prevent training. You are welcome to ask to view DBS checks and training certificates.

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