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 Our Instructors 

Our qualified and insured instructors are all friendly, fun and approachable. You are in good hands.

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Georgie - owner of Inspire Fitness. Pole, Hoop, Silks, Stretch, Children's Aerial, Aerial Hammock and Fitness instructor

Georgie has enjoyed a variety of dance styles, contemporary, ballet, modern, jazz, and street. She also spent many years learning gymnastics from a young age. Georgie is a keen skier and likes to hit the slopes at least once a year. She is quietly determined to achieve all those scary super advanced moves and loves teaching doubles pole workshops. She performs in showcases and events but does not compete. "I love instructing Pole and Aerial Fitness classes, they incorporate fitness and dance. Building tone and muscle whilst having fun is a great way to work out. Our team of instructors here at Inspire Fitness are inspirational individuals who work amazingly hard to achieve their goals, I am proud in what we have achieved and appreciate this fantastic team.

Chelsy - Pole, Hoop, Silks, Trapeze, Stretch, Flexibility and Fitness instructor
Chelsy loves to incorporate her past in dance and gymnastics into her pole and aerial style. She enjoys the strength moves as well as the flexy tricks and particularly loves interesting and unique following transitions. Since studying Photography & Art at University, Chelsy decided to leave her paintbrush at the door and venture into the pole and aerial world of instructing, competing and performing. She is now a regular on the competition scene and performs regularly at corporate events, cabaret clubs and circuses. Her competition titles include: Miss Pole Dance 2015 Semi Pro Instructor WINNER, IPAAT 2015 Advanced Hoop WINNER, UK Aerial Performance Championships 2015 Professional Silks WINNER, Kent Pole Championships 2015 Professional Runner Up, UK Aerial Nationals 2015 Instructor Hoop Third Place, Solent Pole and Aerial Hoop Competition 2015 Advanced Hoop Third Place.
Eva - Pole, Hoop, Silks and Stretch instructor

Eva has always enjoyed dancing, from Lindy hop to Tango, Salsa to Icelandic folk dance. She has always enjoyed exercise, such as football, running and weight lifting. In 2012 Eva wanted to build up her upper body strength, so she decided to give Pole Fitness a try and there was no turning back!

“What I like most about pole is that the focus in solely on your own journey. We are all differently built and have different strengths and weaknesses. In a pole class you can let your strong side shine and also build you up in a supportive environment.”

Eva enjoys making routines and doubles pole. She has competed twice in Innanhúsmót Pole Sport, Iceland and once at the European Pole Sport Championship. However, she prefers doing showcases and has performed both as a part of a pair or in groups on various occasions. When Eva is not hanging upside down on a pole in a studio she might be seen on a lamp post or a traffic sign, as she collects pictures of her “flagging” around the world.

Jen - Pole, Hoop, Silks and Stretch instructor


Not your typical pole dancer (in Jen's words), Jen started pole fitness as an opportunity to build confidence and to get active, having only dabbled in a handful of dance classes over the years. Interested in yoga, athletics, football and horse riding, Jen practiced gymnastics as a young girl and, for a small period, ballet before realising conventional sports and dance just weren't quite right! She has a love of drama, theatre and art, having studied physical theatre and fine art and is always up for anything creative, unique and quirky! Since starting pole, Jen has also taken to aerial hoop in an attempt to live out her childhood dream of joining the circus. Jen loves challenging herself with new moves and combos and brings this to her teaching; believing that anyone is capable of anything with the right steps and encouragement. "The tallest mountain will look impossible when you are at the base of it. Start taking steps forward and then you can look back at how much you achieve along the way."

Melody - Pole instructor

Melody has always loved dance and from a young age attended various classes from Ballet to Street. She is a keen horse rider and actress, as well as Pole she teaches Drama. She was also a keen gymnast."I love to keep fit, however get bored with merely running or attending the Gym. I always try and go for fun innovative ways to get fit, dance is always a great way to enjoy exercise! Over the years I have tried Groove FX classes, Zumba, Aqua-Aerobics and then pole and have never looked back! Pole offers new challenges both physically and mentally, develops upper-body strength and is a chance to meet new friends and of course a fun way to tone up and get fit!"

Lyndsey - Pole instructor


Lyndsey too took lessons in Ballet and Tap. She has a keen passion for instructing group exercise classes and is currently expanding her qualifications. Lyndsey has been Boxing for years and is a big fan of Zumba. She has even met Ricky Hatton!

Lyndsey loves spinning pole and regularly teaches our spinning pole workshops. 


"I always wanted to try pole fitness; I took the plunge and came to a course with my sister. I have never looked back, I’m hooked."

Freya - Pole and Silks instructor

Freya was a successful artistic gymnast for many years, competing up to National level and could often be found upside down from an early age!

"I had wanted to try pole for a while and finally plucked up the courage to go to a class and I love it!" I love the strength but also the grace and artistry involved in each move; partly why I've also taken a passion for silks.


Freya has another love, her cocker spaniel Luna!

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Lou - Pole and Hoop instructor

Lou has a ballet background from her younger days, later concentrating on cross country running and athletics at county level. Nowadays she loves snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking and generally anything fast and dangerous.

"I've done pole on and off since 2009 and got the bug again when I started hoop in 2014. I can't take my children to the park without hanging upside down off something!
I'm constantly furthering my training and qualifications, and I love seeing the satisfaction when someone learns a new move."


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George - Pole, Hoop, Silks, Trapeze and Stretch instructor

George danced from a young age, she studied dance at A-level with experience in a range styles: street, commercial Jazz, lyrical and her favourite, contemporary dance.
She has a passion for horse riding and has ridden from the age of 7. George has just bought her first pony!

George has surprised herself at how well she took to pole and how much she enjoys it. After excelling at learning pole, George enrolled on instructor training and became a pole instructor. She then took hoop and silks classes and later completed the training to teach them as well.


"I really enjoy teaching, watching the students improve and gain confidence at using the equipment is an added bonus."

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Sarah - Pole, Aerial Hammock and Stretch instructor


Sarah came to pole later than some, not starting until she was in her forties.  Although a keen gymnast and swimmer at school, the intervening years only involved a bit of cycling to get about. Since starting pole she has been inspired to be back in the gym and take up yoga in order keep improving. ​


“I love the challenge of new moves and the buzz of finally getting the one that you have been working towards for ages.  Pole has changed the way I look at the world, particularly lampposts!”

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Loren - Pole, Aerial Hoop and Stretch instructor


Loren has trained in dance since a young age and always dreamed of turning her passions into a career. She now works full time in the fitness industry, falling in love with Pole and Aerial in 2016 and never looked back. Specialising in Pole Choreography and Heels she loves to teach a wide range of classes. Loren has previously competed and was a finalist in the London Pole Championships as well as performing in showcases and charity events.
When she’s not swinging upside down she can be found dressed up as a Disney princess performing at various events.

Billie - Aerial Silks instructor


Billie joined us as a student in January 2020, she has never been flexible and couldn’t do the splits until joining classes. She has worked hard on her skills with hours of dedicated training and qualified as an instructor in June 2022.
She swam competitively as a child and always loved the circus. Before becoming an aerialist she worked and travelled with Santus Circus around the UK for a year! Yes, she did get to try all the equipment in the big top! Billie excels at being creative, she is an established hairdresser and also works within interior design, creative lifestyle and has created a card game!
Billie loves teaching and watching the students’ progress to hit their goals and achieve the moves they have been working on. 

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